Who we are



We are Joost and Cia

Together we have got 4 children, 3 daughters and a son. He is the only one who still lives at our place.

Our place is the city of Deurne. At the time we bought our first border-collie Djill we did not not expect this breed of dogs would become our hobby. We got addicted to it. As you can see on this site we got even more border-collies. It takes a lot of spare time but we gladly spent it.  If we see their enthusiasm and the twinkling in their eyes we know the reason why


We both have a job. Joost works as a busdriver. I work in  a factory

We both take care for our border-collies Djill and Ginger, Blaize, Beau, Gracie and Enya

We take strolls and we play games with those ladies and that gentleman.

Our Jack-russel Pixie strolls around at our place also.

Have fun on our site.




Name of the kennel.

This name has not been chosen at random.

We are both big fans of Phil Collins and we both think his song

You"ll be in my heart

Is one of the best songs he made

The title of this song refers to our dogs.



Thank you for your music Phil.


 Email address nijssen3@kpnmail.nl

Tel. +31651701188

or +31653732226